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this is the page you enter by default. Here, the introduction of the company is made, with its aims, tasks, values, etc. As regards design, this section is not different from the others, it is just the first one to be seen and the one everybody recognizes as company presenter. You can access any other section from here. Home should not be mistaken for introduction, since home is within the site body, it is not before it.


Internet sites are divided in different sections. They usually range from 5 to 9, although they may be more or less, as wanted. Sections come into play when thinking about how to divide your site. The important thing is that you keep in mind that each section needs to deal with a particular topic and not be mistaken for another one. If you wish to deal with a topic of one section on another, you need to put a direct link. When you think about the names for the section, put yourself on the place of a visitor searching for something and choose the names so that users do not get confused and know where to search.


including pictures in a site is very common. However, this cannot be done just like that. It is highly important that pictures are taken by a professional. If you cannot pay for one, there are picture stocks on the internet, where you can get high quality general pictures.


it is the header for all sections. It is always the same and it is kept throughout the entire site. The greatest design work is focused on the header since it is the most visible item on the site. The header may have buttons for the sections, contact information or just an interesting design.



they are used to enter into the different site sections. Buttons are very elaborated by designers so that they are nice, original and practical. Adding some effects to the buttons is very usual. The most usual effects are the button being pressed when entering into the corresponding section or light up when the mouse goes over it.

E-mail accounts:

in order to have a Web site, you need to have a domain under your name and a hosting. The domain or URL is your page address ( and the hosting is the space inside a computer-server rented per month, year, etc. Having these two things, you can set up several e-mail accounts that will look like this:


They are generally used for the contact section. The contact form has several fields that need to be mandatory filled out at your choice. For instance, you can put the fields "name", "company" and "e-mail address" as mandatory to send the query. There will be a bigger field to write the user's question. This information will be directly sent to or to the account you choose. Choosing mandatory fields is useful because you will always get the data from the sender and you will be able to reply based on that knowledge.


it is an animation usually made using a program called Flash. In general, nobody watches those introductions and they skip them. This should not be bad; however, some people do not skip the introduction but close the page to avoid waiting.


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