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We have dealt with the three main features of a Web site. Now, we will deal with its three main functions. You will immediately recognize the names of these functions because they are part of company marketing nomenclature. This, of course, is done on purpose, since it reflects the highly important tool the internet site is for marketing.


standard advertising is not the same as Internet advertising. Radio, TV and other advertisements have a logic that differs from Internet advertisements. Standard advertising has two types of advertisements: the ones moving through its plot and the ones disproportionately exaggerating the characteristics of a product, service or company. The first ones result in advertisements having a script questioning the target group members about the values they consider most important. So, the product presentation is almost a detail, since it usually tells a story where the product does not appear or appears as a background item. The idea of this type of advertisements is to move the recipient to the extent that when the promoted product is shown; all the emotion caused by the plot is transferred to it. The second case is the case of advertisements exaggerating the features of a product to unthinkable levels. When seeing that a cleaning product removes evidently impossible dirt, in most of the cases, the public gets a great impression. The point is not that people "believe" what they are watching, but consider the product to be very powerful, thus making an spectacular presentation.

In both cases, the product features are brought to the background, the informative aim of advertising almost vanishes away. The attention is put on the advertisement and not on the product. The opposite thing happens on the Internet. Advertisements are shown as small links to our site. These links are less funny or not funny at all, and they just inform that a site exists and they make it easier to go there. In this case, the item in charge of shocking the public is not the advertisement but the advertised, the Web site. Your corporate Web page design will captivate the public or not. That is why, in order for you to take the most of your Web advertising ability, it needs to have an exceptional design.



promotion is increasing the interest on a product that has been just launched into the market or has lost sales. The mechanism consists in offering an extra value together with the product purchase, making it become more desirable due to the offer added. A Web page is the ideal place for promotion campaigns. We will provide three examples to illustrate this point.

  • You can put a section on your site devoted to the offers of the month. When doing this, you will make sure these offers are not published in any other media. That is to say, you will choose the group of offers exclusively published on your site. You will thus significantly increase the visits to your corporate Web page. But why is it useful to restrict the publishing of your offers? The statement saying that publishing something only on the internet means restricting its range is not entirely true. Internet is the most consulted media around the world and it must not be underestimated. However, people usually tend to think that an offer on the internet is hard to find. What is going to happen? Well, people will actually find the offers and they will think they were very skilful because they did so. Whoever sees your offers published on your site will think he is one of the few ones that have found it and will want to use his good luck. Thus, you will get a high visitor traffic that will buy your offers thinking they are one of the few ones that have found them.
  • You can place discount coupons for certain products on your site. If that is what you want to do, you can ask your designer to make some ready-to-print coupons that can be shown at the stores associated with the promotion. By using this resource, the word of mouth will attract an amazing visit volume on your site searching for the discount coupons. Thus, you will be able to increase your traffic and appropriately promote the products chosen. But there is more to it. If you wish to take the most of this situation, you can set up requirements to get the coupons, an easy thing not bothering anyone. For instance, you can ask that in order for the user to access the coupon, he needs to enter his name and e-mail address. You will thus get thousands of addresses from customers you will be able to send company information to. However, keep in mind that you always need to ask for authorization to send this type of mail since otherwise you will be making SPAM, an illegal advertising practice.
  • You can print labels for the products promoted. On the labels, you will place a code, your Web page address and a brief explanation on the promotion. It will consist in entering the code on your Web site to access the section offering ready-to-print free tickets for movies, theater or any show. In this way, you will be promoting your products and also bringing your page and thus your company closer to people not familiar with it; thus, increasing your customers.

Sale channels:

a sale channel is the place where your products are sold or the place visited by the people usually buying your products. Internet is the greatest sale channel nowadays, since everybody uses this medium. A Web site that is well placed on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN extends its market to unbelievable extents. You can be a company only selling in your city before your site publishing, and afterwards, you can begin to sell around five continents. Chances are endless and the investment, minimal: this is something you cannot miss.


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