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Corporate identity is the set of deliberately homogeneous design elements making up the image of company, conveying one and the same message. The set needs to be homogeneous because a message conveyed in the same way by different items has much more chances of being correctly understood, let alone that heterogeneity on the message will be an inconvenience and a contradiction since the company must convey the same thing always. Web design provides one of the most important elements for corporate identity, the Web site. However, it is not the most important one, there is one that is more important: the corporate Logo.

A logo is the essential and foundational element for corporate identity. It is essential because a company without a Logo cannot sell what it offers: nobody would buy a product that does not have printed the Logo from the company making it. This happens because the Logo is quality guarantee and inspires confidence on the consumer. It is foundational because the entire set of corporate identity follows the same criterion so as to be uniform, but there is an item not having parameters to base on: the Logo, the first of the series. Then, it is the one setting the limits within which the following designs will be created.

The Web site is the design following Logo in importance. Now, if you have had a company for some time and you do not have a Web page, you must have several advertising designs, besides your Logo. Then, the Web design will be more important than them. Let's see what happens if this is not done appropriately.

If a Web design fails and does not follow the parameters where the set of items making up its corporate identity move, two things may happen: the first one is easy to solve although it is a time and money waste and the second one is much more serious. In both cases, we are taking into account the possibility that a change on your company message through the Web site may not cause the customers to go away, since if this is the case, no other matter will be important.


  1. Let's assume that your Web site design does not match the parameters required and it thus conveys a message that differs from the rest of your designs. The public may notice the flaw and think that your site does not respond to your company traditional message and, thus, it does not represent it. So, the new item will be suspended since the public does not take it into account. So, you need to be careful to quickly remove that item from the Web so that other people not familiar with your company consider it representative. If the designer made the mistake, he will be responsible to create a new site. Now, if the mistake was yours, whether it was due to wrong instructions or negligence or not paying attention, you will need to pay for the designer or the design company to create another site.
  2. This other case is much worse. The previous problem was solved by removing the defective item. However, if the public does not consider the Web site a mistake but the item allowing them to appropriately understand the message, all the other designs will get a new meaning from the defective item. This means that the mistake on your site will pass on to all the other items, having a catastrophic result. That is why you need to be very careful when working with the design, following the project closely and making sure the design matches the set of corporate identity.


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