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For a design project to have a good result, the most important thing overall is to have a good relationship with the designer. Besides the fact that the designer is in charge of converting your ideas into graphic objects and in order to do that, he needs to fully understand them, the entire project will be affected by the relationship between customer and designer. It is not only getting on well, the respect, the friendly contact, daily contact and kindness needs to be pursued to establish a beneficial link both from a human and labor perspective. You cannot consider creating a Web site if you are not willing to devote time to the design project and effort to establish a good relationship with the designer and a perfect communication between you and him.

Here, we will show a series of common mistakes you could avoid if you know them in advance. In each case, there are different types of difficulties so there is no an exact guide on how to build a relationship: people are different and relationships as well. That is why the effort from both of them to establish the best relationship possible is important.


  1. The designer who does not listen to the customer. The designer's arrogance is an obstacle that must not come up. While it is true that most of the customers do not understand much about design, it is also true that that is the reason why they hire a designer. Arrogance will only pose problems since not only it causes discomfort among people but it will also make the customer reject the project, not matter how much the designer likes it.
  2. The customer who does not listen to the designer. The same thing happens here, arrogance causes trouble. However, the difference is that on the previous case it was just a matter of arrogance but in his case, it is also a matter of ignorance. A customer may insist on an idea because he is not able to understand that the option offered by the designer is much better. That is to say, it is not that he stands his ground because he is arrogant but because he is stubborn and does not want to learn and see that there is actually a much better choice. You should always listen to the designer: that is what you hire him for. If you are not able to understand his suggestions you can ask him to explain them so that you can reach an agreement. There is nothing worse than "the customer is always right".
  3. A designer not able to work without constant instructions is a problem to solve. Whether it happens because the person designing is insecure or the customer does not let him create freely, this must no be the case. Most of the design work is creativity, imagination and if it does not prosper, the design will not be successful either. The designer needs to be sure of himself, there will be time later for the customer to make any changes he considers convenient. The customer needs to understand that the designer is not an Egyptian scribe, he is not an assistant taking dictation, he is a worker using first his imagination to work and that is what he does: giving him too detailed instructions and things to copy is a mistake.


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