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This site about creative Web design solutions is a theoretical-practical guide for people planning to get their first Web site. We specially address those small and middle-size businessmen who need to acquire this Web design service on their own and are a bit at a loss on how to do it. Everybody knows a Web site is an essential tool to keep a new company going. Not only because it is a highly important advertising element, but also because the company's image, its sale power, the direct use of the more effective marketing tools and the special interaction with the public are at stake. However, somebody not very familiar with this matter could get overwhelmed by all these things and give up. We will help you to avoid this, and not only that but also, after reading this site, you will be able to hire a Web design service having enough knowledge to get a much more "acceptable" internet page. That's why "Creative Web Design Solution" is here.

Web design is sine qua non to get an appropriate Web site. Although it is true that there are other options, such as buying a template or asking a friend to design your site, hiring a Web designer will ensure that the page has an appropriate development and greatly benefits your company. This is so because, although a template is created by a designer, it is not thought for a particular case but a general design is being made. We reserve judgment for the case where a friend who knows "something about design" is asked for help.


When hiring a Web designer, you must keep in mind that, as any other designer, he converts your ideas into graphic objects (in this case, an Internet site). If you do not have ideas, the designer just cannot work: asking a designer to invent or do something "kind of like this" is a serious mistake; that is not his function. You must be aware that, for a design project to be fruitful, it is essential that, before hiring the professional, you have ready the idea for your Web site, the concept you wish and some other reference Web sites to exemplify what you want. This last thing is very interesting: before hiring a Web designer, you must browse the Web searching for the Web sites you like. You can choose to search on a search engine for your competitors' Web sites or browse the Web searching for anything you may like. In any case, you should not tell the Web designer to search for the Web sites on his own because although he may do so, he cannot make a decision for you and this will pose problems later. In short, when hiring any Web designer, you need to take the bull by the horns, take active part on the project and not expect the person you hire to be the only one in charge of the development.

Throughout the different sections of this Web site, we deal with different topics that are the key items for Web site design. This is not a site devoted to designers, so we will not elaborate on technical issues but we will actually deal with topics from a practical-educational perspective so that the reader can understand the matters exposed and finish reading this Web site having enough knowledge to hire a Web designer and make the best project possible. In the section called "What is Web design?, we will show the general features of this activity and we will mainly talk about the commercial and advertising feature of its work object, the Web site. "Functions of the Web site" deals with all the things that can be done with it, why it is useful to have it. "Corporate identity" will define this concept and explain the implications of a Web site within this highly important set. In "The relationship with the designer", we will explain what needs to be taken into account to get an optimum customer-designer relationship and how the quality of this relationship is directly proportional to the final work outcome: we will show common mistakes that could be avoided if known in advance. Finally, in the section "Parts of a site", we will explain what each design term means as regards Web components.

Creative Web Design Solutions is glad to have you as a visitor and wishes you best luck in this new enterprise. Our aim is to match up to your needs and be able to help you as well as possible to get familiar with all the things related to Web design and function of the customer on its development. We appreciate your choosing us and we invite you to go over this practical guide about Web design for small and middle-size businessmen together: a Web site created thinking about you.


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